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Why Choose Weathershield Windows?

When fitting windows serious hazards and danger can await, which is why it is crucial to have your windows fitted by a professional.

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The Safety Aspect Of Fitting Windows

When fitting windows, whether it is on a bungalow or a multi-storey hotel, serious hazards and danger can await, which is why it is crucial to have your windows fitted by a professional. Some dangers are obvious, like falling from height and the use of fragile, dangerous materials; others are not so obvious. A professional window fitter needs to be on the ball at all times in order to meet health and safety standards whilst at work.


The Risks Of Fitting Windows

When fitting windows it is crucial to analyse the risks which may occur, not only are there risks within the actual process of installing windows but also the environment you are in. Consideration must be given during the design of the windows due to the hazards associated with their installation and future maintenance. When the process of installing windows is being carried out there are specific general hazards that may occur, these include:

  • Trip hazards from equipment
  • Electrocution hazards from working near power sources
  • Falling objects or fabric from the building that may be dislodged
  • Equipment breaking due to wear and tear
  • Fitting windows whilst positioned on a ladder
  • Transporting equipment to and from jobs
  • Working with glass and fragile materials

Falls from ladders are one of the biggest causes of injury in the industry of window fitting, as well as handling glass and fragile material; having your windows fitted by an experienced and professional company will minimise these risks.

Members of BSI & Secure By Design

Being members of BSI helps to improve companies standards in order to improve their performance, reduce risks, work more sustainably or to stay compliant. Using a window installer which is a member of BSI will enable you to have your required work carried out to the highest standards and professionalism. Secure by Design is an industry standard which focuses on crime prevention of homes and commercial premises and also promotes the use of security standards for a wide range of applications and products. Being a member of Secure by Design will ensure that your products reach a high level of security and that products have been tested and certified to a high standard which will reduce the opportunity for crime.

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Things To Consider When Choosing A Window Company

When choosing a window company who is reliable, professional and affordable; there are many aspects that will need to be thought through in order to ensure you make the right decision for your budget, requirements and preferences. The list below include some things which should be considered:

Check if they are members of specific associations – Your installer should be members of associations such as BSI or Secure by Design, this helps to ensure the work they carry out is correct and safe. The last thing you want is to spend money on new windows as the poor installation has caused damage.

Larger companies will charge more, often unnecessarily – Large companies will often charge an extensive amount of money for services which can be carried out by smaller companies for a reasonable price. Smaller companies are also likely to be able to fit around your schedule easily and meet your requirements.

Check to see if your old windows will be removed – When employing a window installer, a key aspect to remember is your old windows, will they be taken out beforehand? Or do you require the installer to carry out this service too? Not all installers remove old windows, just be sure to check before you agree!

Check recommendations and reviews – This is as important as checking to see if a company is a member of an association. If a company is a member of a specific association doesn’t mean that they are good at what they do. Having a set of specific skills and knowing how to use them in the correct manner to provide customers with a good services are very different. Choose a company that are a member of the associations above as well as one that customers speak highly of.

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